Option One:

This was a dreamy unicorn theme. Using softer colors and a whimsical feeling. The limited edition callout was hand drawn and served two purposes, Limited Edition callout and a unicorn. 

Option Two:

This was inspired by Lisa Frank. I wanted to use the same ideas and style that Lisa Frank uses in her work, but make it the Hostess branding. I wanted the background to be busy like Lisa Frank's work but also not distract from the product. 

Creative Brief

Create new artwork for Hostess Unicorn CupCakes using the existing Mermaid CupCakes. The goal was to differentiate the Unicorn packaging from the Mermaid packaging, which is heavy in teal and blue.

Must include:

Unicorn Flavor

Limited Edition Callout

Included a Unicorn. 

It was mentioned that I could unleash my inner Lisa Frank, if I wanted.